Logo Design Contest

Design a logo for our ‘powEARTHful’ Crowdfunding Campaign!

CanGEA is about to launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to kickstart the geothermal power and heat industry in Canada, and we think it’s going to be big. At the beginning of the campaign, we’re holding a really special competition for all you design ninjas out there that think that they can out-design everyone else: we need a logo that will be front and centre for our campaign, and we need it fast.

The logo needs to embody geothermal power & heat and needs to be associated with our slogan: ‘powEARTHful’.

We will consider anything and everything and encourage you to come up with a simple design that we’ll plaster all over the place: our website, the campaign website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and also the swag that we’ll be sending out as perks for the campaign. Your name will be acknowledged on all our social media and website as the winner of the competition and your signature will be included on the design so that people know who created it.

To submit your designs, please send them to info [at] cangea.ca with the subject line: “Logo Design Contest”

As we said, we need this fast, so our deadline is Sunday, October 11, 2013 at 8pm Mountain Time Zone.

Below is some material to help you out with what geothermal power and heat is:

So what the heck is geothermal energy anyway?

We’re glad you asked…

You can either read the description below, or you can watch this great video by Al Jazeera that describes visually what it is: http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/earthrise/2013/08/201382131917624829.html

In a nutshell, geothermal electricity is produced by drilling wells a couple kilometres below the Earth’s surface where available heat and water resources are accessed. The heated water is pumped to the Earth’s surface where it flashes to steam, drives a turbine and generates electricity, and/or is used directly as heat. The water is then pumped back down into the Earth where it can be re-heated and re-used within a continuous cycle of clean, reliable renewable energy production.

Most people think that geothermal means heat pumps and residential heating and cooling- that’s not what we’re talking about, that’s called geoexchange. Geothermal energy is a clean source of reliable electricity and heat that can help solve some of Canada’s greatest challenges, namely providing energy security, economic growth and reducing our CO2 emissions.

What exactly are we looking for?

An image that incorporates any/all of the following:
     Geothermal power & heat is:
          • baseload (runs continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week like conventional electricity generation, and contrary             to other renewable alternatives like wind and solar that are variable),
          • renewable
          • clean
          • sustainable
          • accessed 500 metres to 4 kilometres underground, like oil and gas wells are
          • proudly CANADIAN
          • job creation
          • energy independency
          • local food growth independence (hot water as a by-product of electricity generation can be used in things like             greenhouses to grow food locally)
          • eliminate CO2 production from conventional power plants by replacing them with geothermal electricity             production

For more information and facts about the incredible geothermal power and heat potential in Canada, see CanGEA’s Geothermal Fact Sheet at: http://www.cangea.ca/geothermal-fact-sheet